Banana Kong Apk Latest Version Free Download Updated 2022

 Banana Kong Apk A daring adventure through the jungle, caves, and treetops. Some of you may remember a game from your childhood that you used to play with your friends when you gathered for your neighborhood get-togethers. It was about a gorilla named Kong running in the jungle trying to avoid a big avalanche of bananas. Well, it seems like this Kong has found itself in a difficult situation yet again though this time bananas aren’t his only problem.

It looks like while he was enjoying his banana snack everything else happened at once: An angry giant boar attacked him during the snack break and now he needs to run as far away as possible before being caught by the boar which means he can’t just focus on one thing: He needs to run and jump and bounce on vines and fly with toucans And all that while avoiding obstacles such as exploding spikes, crocodiles, piranhas, and boiling lava.

Banana Kong Apk Latest Version Free Download 

Kong has gorillas and bananas on the brain! He loves his bananas raw, not cooked. But every gorilla needs to eat. In KONG's case - more than one can handle! Help Kong get his banana fix by clearing away the avalanche of potential meals from his path in this nearly endless runner game. Maneuver past obstacles and watch out for sneaky hula dancers trying to steal your tasty bananas in a fun-filled race towards nothingness.

You can experience the smooth and satisfying platformer experience as you play through lots of different maps. The game lets you explore environments by swinging from cliff edges, smashing through blocking objects in your way, and riding on all kinds of animals that can be found within this game.

Banana Kong Apk Gameplay

Join a gorilla on his jungle adventure in Banana Kong! Enjoy the simple, straightforward and addictive gameplay. Developed with innovative technologies, Banana Kong allows you to collect bananas across all different locations throughout the world. Ride along with your ape king and make sure he stays away from his cleaning duties for as long as possible. The intuitive controls of this android game will provide you with an unforgettable experience each time you sit down to play it.

Easy Controls For The Game

Forget all the unnecessary additions that come with other packages. Banana Kong has been made to be extremely fast and totally playable. As a result, you can say goodbye to the need to furiously tap on your screen or swipe one’s thumb across it trying to make Kong move forward - all you have to do is tap anywhere and at any time, and this guy will instantly react.

Swipe down if you want him to charge forward; swipe right if you want Kong to quickly jump over an upcoming obstacle, etc. You can also ask your friends for help if you get stuck somewhere by tapping on the button with a yellow exclamation mark on it. But remember one thing.

In Banana Kong, you don’t need pixel-perfect controls or insane graphics that drain battery life at a disconcerting rate. Concentrate your attention solely on playing the game and enjoying your experience as opposed to tracking its performance every two seconds just in case things aren't running perfectly smooth.

Challenging Levels

Your Kong-tastic adventure begins here! Banana Kong travels to the idyllic shores of the west, filled with beautiful jungles, crumbling ruins, and stormy coasts. He’ll run through enchanted forests, swim beneath pristine oceans, and swing across a huge range of natural landscapes. The world of tomorrow is yours to explore in Banana Kong.

Travels with Kong

And to those of you who are interested, our game also features a variety of interesting travel options. In the game, you are able to run on your feet or grab any vine and swing across obstacles. Hop on a boar and ride at top speeds through the obstacles.

Moreover, you can even grab a toucan and have it fly above with its light wings to transport an overweight gorilla over otherwise impossible terrain. Make use of the different terrains and available travel options in the levels to quickly overcome challenges.


As an alternative to the original game, you might like our modification of Banana Kong. In fact, with our unmodified and unlocked version, Banana Kong APK from SPG Studio gives players access to an unlimited supply of bananas and hearts so the fun never has to end.

This way you can purchase anything you want or make whatever upgrades are necessary for your gorilla. All it takes is for you to download and install Banana Kong APK from our website.

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