Royal Match Apk Latest Version Download Free For Mobile 2022

 Royal Match Apk Royal Match is an awesome new game for IOS and Android devices! You come into the role of a brave bodyguard whose objective is to protect the royal family at all costs. With top-notch graphics and interesting gameplay, Royal Match will be sure to keep you coming back again and again. Click download now, and start your adventure without delay.

Your job is to line up 3 or more matching symbols in a line by creating rows where, if three are matched in a row going across, they disappear and become a booster, otherwise known as an 'explosion'. The more red icons you can make disappear during a go, the better your chances of getting the correspondent item that appears randomly every now and then instead.

These special items are extremely helpful and will either help you on any given level. Examples include (but were not limited to) ballistic missiles, magic propellers, and light. Obviously, each item has its own unique function, so choose wisely on how best to use them to your advantage.

Royal Match Apk Latest Version

​ After each level is completed, you will receive a chest containing coins and other items. We encourage you to check these out because they're full of surprises. The gifts that you'll find inside these chests aren't only limited to the ones available in the Item Mall. There are also special offers featured within treasure boxes that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Some of the perks found in these shiny trinkets include increasing your steps and buying gold bars necessary for completing the next round faster while others will provide temporary upgrades or enhancements such as upgraded boosters. 

You can be sure that whatever treasure chest your eyes land upon isn't lacking when it comes down to providing value for your time invested into playing as an improved chance at earning more coins will surely belong somewhere inside them.

Blocking Obstacles On The Road

Even in your journey to win the princess’ hand, you’re bound to cross paths with an array of hindrances such as magical beasts or pesky obstacles. Now and then you may even need to collect all the necessary items to make a passport for your door just in case you ever get turned away by a warden. However, if you happen to have the wit and determination envisioned by so many, who knows, you might be able to scale these hurdles and help yourself win her heart in no time at all.

Royal Match Apk New Features

After every two weeks, updates will be added to the game, and new quests given based on those updates. These quests provide a new challenge for players who have reached certain levels in the game. Also, new parts of the castle are always being developed over time to provide a never-ending source of fun for users who have been playing steadily from the start as well as newcomers who have just begun.

This update, 100 new levels, and a dog park will be added soon so that we can keep our current users engaged while also giving newcomers something special to enjoy while they're playing too! Don't hesitate any longer! Download ROYAL MATCH today or check it out right away. it's free! Remember to invite your friends and family to play with you if possible, because this could be an interesting prospect for them too.


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